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High Performance Heating

Doughty and Sons, Inc. specializes in energy efficient gas and oil, high performance comfort heating systems. We can provide a comfortable and efficient heating system to your needs through a wide range of Viessmann heating products designed to add value for every budget. Viessmann is the world leader in boiler and heating technology and efficiency. Viessmann is also the leader in environmentally friendly boiler and heating technology. Doughty and Sons, Inc. can, in conjunction with Viessmann, save you up to 30% in fuel usage with a new home comfort, environmentally friendly, heating system.

We are partners with Viessmann which enables us to stay current with the latest advancements in boiler and heating technology. With today's rising fuel costs it has become more important than ever to achieve the most efficiency from your heating system as is possible. A key benefit of an efficient heating system is that your comfort level will be high while you save on fuel usage. Doughty and Sons, Inc., together with Viessmann, can help you achieve this fuel savings and comfort goal for your house.

Doughty and Sons, Inc. also installs and replaces steam boilers and warm air furnaces. We can also provide you with complete heating system changeovers, from steam or forced warm air to comfortable, efficient hydronic (forced hot water) heat. Doughty and Sons, Inc. provides oil to gas and gas to oil conversions. We also provide repairs and service for heating systems.

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